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Scribe is a great software that makes SEO simple.

There are many Search Engine Optimization tools on the web. I had been looking for a good SEO plugin for WordPress that would help me make my job more effective and save some time. Finally, I found Scribe SEO, a plugin that simplifies this long and somewhat complicated process. My job is now easier and more efficient.

Scribe performs three main tasks. These tasks are connected with keywords, content, and link building.

Let’s see how it works.

1. Keywords:

Scribe acquaints you with the language people use so you will know what words you should use when you start writing. Then, after your content is written, Scribe will suggest other keywords you might consider using. Thanks to this, your articles will get the most targeted traffic.

2. Content:

Scribe analyzes your content and indicates how to improve it to ‘satisfy’ search engines. It shows what needs to be modified to bring better results. Scribe helps you optimize your content much better and more quickly.

3. Link Building:

Scribe also simplifies getting back links from relevant websites, crosslink the content you have on your own website, as well as find social media users who can drive traffic to your site. In other words, Scribe simplifies building quality links.

But, most importantly, Scribe helps you achieve higher rankings and raise traffic to your website.

I truly recommend Scribe as a great SEO plugin for WordPress. I hope you’ll find it as useful as I do.

Does SEO seem to be a hard job for you? Have you ever tried to use any tools to simplify and improve your work?

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