How to Add XML and HTML Sitemaps to Your WordPress Website


In one of my previous blog posts I shortly described both XML and HTML Sitemaps and their functions. You can refer to this post at any time by clicking this link to get an overall idea of the subject. In this post I’ll give you a short tutorial on how to install both Sitemaps. It’s [...]

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Upcoming Google Changes and Their Influence on Your Website


There’s been a lot of talk recently about Google’s intended changes. Some people agree with them, some people don’t. I’m not going to discuss here if I think the changes are right or not. Instead, I’ll try to show you how to be in a win-win situation when these changes will finally be introduced. The [...]

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What You Should Know About On-Page Optimization

On-page Optimization

On-page optimization is the first step of Search Engine Optimization. During this process, if you improve some elements of your website, it will help prepare it to be indexed properly. SEO may prove to be useless, or at least much less efficient and effective, if you do not perform on-page optimization first. Note: If your [...]

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How to Choose a Domain Name

Domain Names

Choosing the right domain name seems like it would be a fast and easy task. However, there are many factors you have to take into account before doing it. Your domain name can play a crucial role in your website’s optimization for search engines so you have to take care to make it work not [...]

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Link Building – Quality is More Important than Quantity

Link Building

Link building is one of the most important strategies in the whole SEO process. However, it’s a time-consuming process that requires work and patience before the results can be seen… but those results can be quite amazing and very effective! The challenge to overcome in the link building process is to build high-quality incoming links [...]

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