Keep It Clean and Simple

Keep It Clean and Simple

This rule applies to any kind of business – both online and traditional. But today I’ll mostly focus on the online ones.

Clean and simple websites that are easy to navigate with a clear purpose attract people’s attention. People love it when they visit a website and can quickly find what they’re looking for because they usually have no time to deeply read or analyze any website.

If a website is messy and its navigation complicated, people get too confused and instead of trying to find out more about it, they simply leave this website.

Many website owners lose a lot of clients because of that. But it can be changed in just a few steps.

First, compare your business to the one that prospers better than yours. Can you see the difference in how they present themselves? What’s better/ different in their website? Can you easily see what they offer and how to contact them?

Second, adopt any changes that you think might improve your presence (make your website reader-friendly, get rid of any distractions, unnecessary stuff, etc.). Use short and catchy headlines. And remember that sometimes it’s better to do less than too much.

If you offer products, make sure your catalog is simple and clear, free from pricing complications, and that the checkout process is as fast and easy as possible. Don’t stuff your website with anything that can distract your clients’ attention.

If you offer services, make sure that people know what they are and that they can easily find your telephone number or any other contact form. Make it easy for them to contact you. Make sure to have big and clear ‘call to action’ banners on every page or at least on the home page.

Third, look at your business again. Are you happy with the outcome? Is it easier to navigate through your website now? Will people know where and what to look for on your website and how to contact you? If so, great! You can be proud of yourself! But there’s one more step to go.

Test it. Ask your family, friends, or potential clients for their opinion. What do they think about the changes? Is it easy for them to find what they want or to find out anything they don’t know? If their opinions are positive, you’re ready to go.

Check out these few examples of clean and simple websites:

Project Management Software -

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Chris Garrett’s personal website -



It can take time before you realize that your business isn’t going quite as you’d hoped. But when you finally see what mistakes you’ve made, you’re one step closer to being successful. Then, it only takes these few steps to make your business work better.

You should use your website to its fullest potential in order to create and retain happy customers. Marketing and advertising is expensive and time-consuming so you want to make sure you get the most out of it.

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  1. Great post, Magda!

    I’m a big fan of clean and simple websites, too. It takes guts to only display what’s necessary and valuable. Unfortunately, a lot of people confuse simple with “dumbing it down”. They don’t understand they don’t go hand in hand.

    Be brave and ask yourself this simple (but powerful) question: what do I want to communicate here? Is my message getting across? Too many sites bury their call to action and make it difficult to enjoy the core message (or perhaps they haven’t figured it out yet).


    P.S. I know I’m still working on making my site more simple and effective for my readers.

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