Keep It Clean and Simple

Keep It Clean and Simple

This rule applies to any kind of business – both online and traditional. But today I’ll mostly focus on the online ones. Clean and simple websites that are easy to navigate with a clear purpose attract people’s attention. People love it when they visit a website and can quickly find what they’re looking for because [...]

8 Reasons You Should Hire an Assistant

Female assistant

Many people dream about being their own boss but when it finally happens they’re inundated with the amount of unexpected duties. If you’re one of them – don’t worry! There’s a good solution to your problem: you should hire an assistant. You’ve probably been thinking about it but never did anything about it because of [...]

Make Your Business More Profitable

Make Your Business More Profitable

This is a very hard job especially if you do business in a competitive market. After all, if being profitable was easy, we would ALL be making tons of money year after year. But there is no one simple rule that will work for all businesses. However, there are a few steps you should implement [...]

Content Strategy For Your Small, Local Business

Local Business

The content on your website plays a very important role. Merely describing your products or services is not enough. Creating a blog, however, is the best way to enrich your website and attract customers. That’s why, if you haven’t set up a blog yet, you should really consider doing it. But if you already have [...]

Google Webmaster Tools – What, Why, and How

Google Webmaster Tools

1. What is Google Webmaster Tools? Google Webmaster Tools is a free tool created with webmasters in mind to help them check how their websites are indexed and see them from Google’s point of view. It can be used to correct any mistakes or improve websites so they are better optimized. 

How to Add XML and HTML Sitemaps to Your WordPress Website


In one of my previous blog posts I shortly described both XML and HTML Sitemaps and their functions. You can refer to this post at any time by clicking this link to get an overall idea of the subject. In this post I’ll give you a short tutorial on how to install both Sitemaps. It’s [...]

Upcoming Google Changes and Their Influence on Your Website


There’s been a lot of talk recently about Google’s intended changes. Some people agree with them, some people don’t. I’m not going to discuss here if I think the changes are right or not. Instead, I’ll try to show you how to be in a win-win situation when these changes will finally be introduced. The [...]

What You Should Know About On-Page Optimization

On-page Optimization

On-page optimization is the first step of Search Engine Optimization. During this process, if you improve some elements of your website, it will help prepare it to be indexed properly. SEO may prove to be useless, or at least much less efficient and effective, if you do not perform on-page optimization first. Note: If your [...]

Welcome to the WP SEO Shop

We have created this website to help you optimize your websites based on the WordPress system. We believe WordPress is the best free content management system. It’s fast, reliable and has huge community of people who want to help each other.