8 Reasons You Should Hire an Assistant

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Many people dream about being their own boss but when it finally happens they’re inundated with the amount of unexpected duties. If you’re one of them – don’t worry! There’s a good solution to your problem: you should hire an assistant.

You’ve probably been thinking about it but never did anything about it because of lack of time or because you thought it’s just not worth it.

If you don’t want to hire an assistant because you think you don’t need any help (but the amount of your work makes you feel dizzy) or you just don’t want to pay anyone for ‘such simple work’ like answering phone calls or writing emails, think of it this way: do I have enough time for doing the work that ONLY I can do? Am I devoting a sufficient amount of time to something (a product or service) that is the most important in my business?

You know the answers and if you feel it’s time for a change read the list below to see how many things can be delegated to someone else, while you’ll be able to focus on what YOU are really good at!

An assistant will help you in the following tasks:

1. Contacting your clients.
2. Doing paper work (sending/preparing invoices, proposals, etc.).
3. Picking up phone calls – you’ll avoid distractions.
4. Keeping your schedule up to date – taking care of arranging meetings, paying bills, ordering products, etc.
5. Updating your social media profiles – this alone takes a lot of time that you may want to spend on working on or improving your products or services.
6. Doing research on whatever you may need at the moment.
7. Managing your projects.
8. Running errands.

You don’t have to hire anyone full time. You can hire a person for just a few hours a week and this can do a lot of good for you. Ask your family and friends if they want to help out or look for people who want to put part time experience on their resume.

Take the time to consider hiring a ‘helper’. Wouldn’t it be better if you spend your precious time working on your products/services instead of spending it on a ‘side job’ that can be done by someone else? Just think of what really needs your attention, think of things that ONLY YOU can do. Make your life easier and help your business grow!

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